My Old Kentucky Blog Video Premiere : Welcome Back Sailors  “Best Friend”

November 24th will see the release of the new LP, Tourismo, from Italian dreampop duo Welcome Back Sailors, their first in approximately three years. They chose the title of the LP because “it describes movement, curiosity, relax, and at the same time it shows what we like the most: playing our music everywhere.” The first track from the album is the nostalgic “Best Friend” full of ’80s synth touchstones. To go along with those throwback vibes, the band complete the picture with the visual for the song. Directed by Alessio Artoni, you get swept away to a skating rink love story with choreography included.
Watch it below.



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Slowly breathing life in to a day that simmer and shines under the weight of itself, ‘Best Friend‘ acts as something of a calming entry in to the new long-player from Italian dreampop duo Welcome Back Sailors. ‘Tourismo‘ is released towards the latter stages of November, via the ever-impressive We Were Never Being Boring, but don’t let its Autumnal situation obscure the fact that this is the alluring sound of Summer in all its finery.
Here, on a brand new track we’re premiering below, it takes a little while for the bands natural radiance to find it’s feet; the opening minute or so is quietly restrained, a hushed glow of an intro that is suddenly brought to the life by a subtle percussive beat and a slow-bleed of synths that shape the track towards its floral, sumptuous finale. Welcome back, indeed.

Tourismo is released November 24th via We Were Never Being Boring/La BarberiaRecords



a good news from our pal Giulio aka Go Dugong!
WAS EP is out now in free download for LebensStrasse Records.

There is also our featuring in a song called' Running Out'.
enjoy guys


Welcome Back Sailors - Una banda muy joven aún pero formada por dos amigos de toda la vida. Un nuevo ejemplo de la riqueza musical independiente de un país como Italia. Sobresalen por el efectivo uso de la electrónica. Composiciones de pop cálido, canciones cercanas siempre a la chillwave, el dreampop y el Balearic. Exquisitas y fáciles de oír siempre. Tienen un álbum magnífico editado en 2011, su título ‘Yes/Sun’, con temas tan notables como ‘Hero’, ‘Season’ o ‘I’ll Be There’. Más recientemente algunas de las canciones de ese disco han vuelto a la vida gracias a las remezclas de Nazcar Nation o Crimea X.


'Flesh & Blood' new video & limited free download of 
'(Love) That's All' ep

Hey everybody!
we are proud to announce that our new 'Flesh & Blood' video is out!
We have decided to celebrate this special event by giving everyone access to FREE DOWNLOAD the whole ep '(Love) That's All'.
//// This promotion expires in one month -  February 28/2013.

 EN. Three unreleased tracks + two remix + one cover. WELCOME BACK SAILORS finished recording “(Love) That’s All” for the USA label Crash Symbols in february 2012. Together with the digital release, a special music tape edition of the EP has been made, immediatly sold out. Exclusively for ROCKIT, the band offers free download of the six tracks and presents the first video from the record: “Flesh & Blood”, directed by Francesco Brunotti.

 IT. Tre inediti + due remix + una cover.A Febbraio dello scorso anno i WELCOME BACK SAILORS finiscono a registrare questo “(Love) That’s All” per una label americana, la Crash Symbols. Oltre alla release digitale, dell’EP viene anche realizzata un’edizione speciale in musicassetta, che finisce subito sold out. In esclusiva per ROCKIT la band, oltre a rendere disponibili in free download i sei pezzi, presenta il primo video estratto dal disco: “Flesh & Blood”, girato da Francesco Brunotti

Welcome Back Sailors - 'Flesh & Blood' (Rockit - exclusive)

click on the cover to FREE DOWNLOAD '(Love) That's All' ep ////////////////


New WBS's song called Barcelona inside WARM #1   
    from Lumenous project

from Scott Baldwin
LUMENOUS began as a result of a late night conversation between
Youtube friends who happen to have respectable channels with a
substantial following, specializing in what might be called
'chillwave' or 'dream pop'. "Adam of mmmtunes (Just Your Type on FB)
and I were just chatting and we thought - why not get together several
of these channels and start a net-label dedicated to this new music?",
said Scott Baldwin of anothercountyheard. Rugiagialia (Light Leak
Blog) and Wavevision, both major chillwave Youtube channels, were
quickly recruited to round out the group. The result is "W.A.R.M. vol
1", featuring Welcome Back Sailors, Sina., Selva Obscura, Kyson,
nknwn, AyGeeTee, Andrea, Coyote Clean Up, Dudes, Shisa, Eaves A.zebra,
Marengerg Collective, Nature's Kid, Panda Robot, Rome, Simon SMTHNG,
Yesterday's Hype, and Lawnmohwer, available as a free download on
Bandcamp. "We are very happy - we hit 200 downloads less than 8 hours
after we published the LP, and this was before we began to promote the
thing on Youtube! So expect to hear more from Lumenous in the future",
said Baldwin.



'I'll be there' live@Cafe Modì (Corato/BA)

shooting and editing by Aldo Strippoli